Advanced Breast Care at SouthCoast Health, Savannah

Breast Care Savannah SouthCoast Health Mammogram


When it comes to breast cancer care, SouthCoast Health in Savannah & the Lowcountry provides earlier detection methods and innovative treatments.

Read patient success stories here. 


You know well the importance that early detection plays in beating breast cancer. Learn how SouthCoast Health’s Imaging Department brings the latest technologies –including 3D Mammography Screenings — and methods to the region here. 


SouthCoast Health offers a High-Risk Breast Cancer Clinic that provides personalized care and oncological treatments.

Read about the various surgical treatments and 3D guided stereo breast biopsies here. 


In addition to providing quality patient care SouthCoast Health specialists also to educate and spread breast cancer awareness to the public about the fight against this disease. See some of their spotlights in the media here.

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