3 new Beautycounter toxic-free products available Savannah

Beautycounter Savannah


Beautycounter recently introduced three new collections! Meet Beautycounter Plus! It includes:

The #1 Brightening Collection with Vitamin C to brighten and even out your skin tone.

The #2 Plumping Collection with skin-plumping peony

The #3 Balancing Collection has charcoal to soothe oily or breakout-prone skin

All conform to Beautycounter’s Never List of 1,500 ingredients that Beautycounter prohibits in all of our products!

The “+” means these products are meant to work with your current routine to address specific skin concerns.

Each item can purchased individually, or you can buy any of the full 3-item collections for $138. The adorably-sized Spa Collections are $88.

Additionally, for anyone who’s been thinking about joining Beautycounter as a consultant, these new collections have also been added to Beautycounter’s starter sets!

Browse or shop here.

Please contact Savannah Beautycounter consultant Andrea Towe with any questions or if you’d like to sample some of the products, or would like more information on joining the movement.

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Beautycounter consultant Andrea Towe is a SouthernMamas.com advertiser 


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