Stroller Strong Moms of Savannah: a good fit for you

Stroller Strong Moms Savannah

Sure, at first glance this looks like a picture of Stroller Strong Moms of Savannah mamas hard at work.

But what else does this picture capture? It shows the four mamas who are EIGHT months pregnant who safely and amazingly impress Stroller Strong Moms instructors with their dedication and badass baby brewing abilities.

It shows the mamas who ALREADY got in a run before class and the ones who stayed after to put in MORE work.

It shows the THREE new moms at class today who killed the workout, and the moms who have been here since it first started.

It shows THIRTY FOUR driven and inspiring ladies who Stroller Strong Moms instructors have the pleasure of teaching each day.

If you’ve ever wondered if Stroller Strong Moms of Savannah is a good fit for you, the answer is YES and they can’t wait for you to join their village!

Note: This picture does not show the adorable couple who stopped to awe at this group of fit ladies (and maybe take a picture or two).


Stroller Strong Moms of Savannah has 11 classes a week in four different locations, M-F. During February 2016, class times are 10-11AM. Your first class is FREE!

Learn more here. 

Stroller Strong Moms’ seasoned instructors have a knack for finding your limits and pushing you past them.

Newcomers are welcome. First class is free.

Check the Stroller Strong Moms web siteFacebook page for updates, as this every growing group of moms are always adding classes and events.

Stroller Strong Moms, 12 East Park Ave. Savannah, 31401, email On Facebook here. On Twitter  Stroller Strong Moms is a advertiser

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