Savannah Magazine features a must-read article “How to Raise a Savannahian”

How to Raise a Safe SavannahianWe here at SouthernMamas always enjoy Savannah Magazine. Especially the May/June 2013 issue that features the article “How to Raise a Savannahian”

We particularly appreciate one break-out feature in the article (which unfortunately is not available online) entitled “How to Raise a Safe Savannahian”. It’s an interview with Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department’s Crime Prevention Office Cpl. John Simmons. Cpl. Simmons gives advice on a variety of parenting topics including:

1. Talk Tough About Guns: excerpt “…all parents need to sit down with their children and talk to them about gun safety. Explain what a weapon is and that it is not for show and tell – and it’s not to be touched without your supervision…”

2. Fight Crime with Caution: excerpt “The child should be conditioned to know that if the stranger keeps getting closer, he or she needs to turn and run away, find a safe place and call 911.”

3. Keep an eye on the Internet: excerpt “the Web is the number one threat to our children’s safety.”

4. Guard the cell phone: excerpt “Cool phone. May I see it?” That’s a question predators often ask potential victims, so the answer should always be no.”

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