Text & drive? A Georgia student who lost a leg says think again

Brandy Williams of Savannah, who lost her leg while texting & driving, poses with her team of therapists at Memorial Health University Medical Center.

No text is worth losing a life or limb over.

Just ask Brandy Williams. A year ago this month, Brandy, 21, of Savannah lost her left leg and suffered a stroke after her Chevy Malibu veered off the road and into a tree. She was texting a friend at the time of the wreck.

Brandy is the focus of my Savannah Morning News column this week. She hopes sharing her story will help you see that texting while driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving. Brandy’s story is definitely one worth sharing with any teen drivers you know or drivers who regularly text while at the wheel. Read Brandy’s story here.

Learn more about distracted driving dangers at www.distraction.gov.

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