Gift idea: custom oil portraits of children, pets and adults by Savannah artist Karen Bradley

At last tally, you’ve taken 2,502 pictures of your baby.

However, you can count on one hand the total number of images you’ve printed and framed.

Which is why the idea of a custom oil portrait of your child (or pet or loved one) is so appealing when it comes to rediscovering memories and moments that would otherwise be lost forever — no matter how small.

Oil portraits by Savannah artist Karen Bradley will wow you or the person to whom you are giving the custom portrait. She specializes in portaits by commission of children, pets and adults.

For more information, please email or call Karen Bradley at 912-507-7138 or

Karen Bradley, 912-507-7138, email,, 3103 Waters Ave., Savannah, GA 31401, Karen Bradley is a advertiser

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