Crossfit Kids Health & Fitness Classes in Savannah (10% discount for readers)

Crossfit Hyperformance wants to help you provide your kids with a life of Wellness. Their Crossfit Kids program is designed to create a lifelong love of Health and Fitness.

Crossfit Kids Pairs Fitness with FUN! Crossfit believes kids should be exposed to potent, effective, and functional movement with appropriate coaching and cueing. However, Crossfit’s ultimate goal is linking fitness with fun.

February Focus: THE DEADLIFT!!

Each month,  Crossfit Kids focuses on a different skill or movement. During the duration of February,  Crossfit Kids will focus on the safe and proper technique of the Deadlift!! The deadlift is a functional movement. This means the deadlift is the proper and safe way to pick up any object in the gym and throughout everyday life!

 You and your child can practice the deadlift along with us at home while picking up toys, playing outside, or as part of a game! Use these proper and safe techniques to turn everyday activities into opportunities to exercise and learn!

 The Set-up:

1) Have Child stand over object. Can be a weightless ball, toy, or a light weight or Kettlebell.

2) Tell Child to bend over and grab the object. The object should remain on the floor.

3) Tell Child to get an “angry gorilla” back. In this position lower back will be protected as shoulders will be rolled back, chest will remain up so you can see the front of your childs t-shirt, and hips will naturally push back so knees bend… Thus, simulating a very angry gorilla. Encourage your child to mimic how an angry gorilla might sound!

 The Lift:

4) Tell your Child to “Stand-up”!

 The Finish/ Reset:

5) Tell your child to keep an “angry gorilla back” and set the object down.

CF Hyperformance offers progressive classes for: elementry school (ages 6-10), middle school (ages 11 – 14), and teens (14-17). Kids classes last 30-45 minutes. Research has found there is optimal learning capacity of the brain for 20-40 minutes after exercise. Crossfit strongly encourages athletes to use the time directly after class for study sessions.

Class Schedule:
Crossfit Kids/ Teens: Tue/ Thr: 4:30pm-5:15 pm
Saturday: 10:00-10:45 AM

The cost for the program is $75 per month. The monthly rate includes access to 3 classes per week (2 weekday plus Saturday). You may drop-in to any Saturday class for $6.
DISCOUNT: 10% discount on the registration fee if you mention you read about the classes on

Saturday Drop-ins: Kids (6 or older) can come to on Saturdays for $6!

Questions? Please Call or E-mail Crossfit. Coach Eileen: 630-624-0613
To register and to make a reservation, call 912-335-3615.
Crossfit Hyperformance: 904 East 70th St. Savannah Ga

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