2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change & Green Expo, Savannah

Savannah’s 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change & Green Expo will be on Earth Day April 21, 2012 at Savannah Festival Outlets.

Become a Supporter
Organizers of the event are looking for supporters. Various levels of sponsorship are available. If you have questions or would like to become an event sponsor, email segreatclothdiaperchange@gmail.com  or call Elizabeth McDonald 912-335-8481

What are they’re looking for? (All “big ticket” items will be raffled off at the event and listed with your business’ information on their Prizes page)
• Gift cards to family friendly stores, restaurants, businesses, etc.
• Cloth diapers, cloth wipes natural toys and mom and baby products.
• Monetary sponsorship to go towards printing flyers, posters, and postcards; advertisements spots such as local TV spots and radio ads; supplies, prizes, and a donation to the Real Diaper Association.
• Open to more suggestions.

What would we like from each supporter for goodie bag?
The first 100 pre-registrants receive goodie bags.
• Organizers would like 100 items from each sponsor to go in the goodie bags. This is only a request and not required. It is just one more way to get exposure It can be one type of item or a mixture of items such as product samples, business cards, post cards etc

How much do I have to donate to become a supporter?
At least $10 or a prize or products worth $10 to be listed as a sponsor.

What are the levels and perks of being a supporter?
Supporter levels are based on monetary and prize donations for this event. For more info on levels & perks of being supporter, email segreatclothdiaperchange@gmail.com.  Sponsor & Prize pages will be posted on the Great Cloth Diaper Change Savannah Facebook page here.

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