Savannah Down syndrome support group vs. prenatal genetic testing


Katie, Lucy and Ella Marchese

With broader prenatal genetic testing, the number of children with Down syndrome could radically decrease. Earlier this month, I had the chance to talk to local parents who hope that doesn’t happen.

Molly and Joe Marchese of Springfield are parents of three beloved and beautiful daughters (pictured here), including a 4-year-old with Down syndrome, Ella, who has enriched their lives in countless ways. The Marcheses are among those families who have become Down syndrome advocates in the face of broader prenatal testing to prevent the genetic condition.

The Marcheses are the focus of my newspaper column today. Read it by clicking here.

The Marcheses, along with other members of the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society, are working to help parents dealing with a definitive prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis and invite prospective parents of babies with Down syndrome to monthly support group meetings.

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