New Year’s Resolution: Get your finances organized

fsa-piggy-bank1-217x300Below is a guest post by Marsha Woelber is a Partner at Independent Investment Services, LLC/Securities Offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.

A New Year’s Resolution for mamas everywhere: “I will not rely solely on my husband/father to handle my family’s finances”.

Does this sound like you? Many women tell me that either their husband (if married) or father (single gals) takes care of their finances. While typically there is no problem with this, I have to think that ladies everywhere are just not taking the time to sit down and understand some basics. Surely we are just as smart as our male counterparts?

My personal goal for the year is to focus on educating women about their finances. A little knowledge will give you some piece of mind should you ever need to make a financial decision on your own.

First Step: Get organized. Gather contact and account information using the list below. Please email me at for e-version of this spreadsheet.

Gather some contact information. Finding who to call is often the most frustrating part of dealing with a crisis.
Key Contacts
Financial Advisor
Insurance Representative: Life, Homeowner, Health, Auto

Next, organize your accounts/paperwork. To read the rest of this article, click here.

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