Clean as a Whistle: Savannah housekeeping/house-cleaning service

clean-as-a-whistle-largerI have a clean home thanks to Ms. Frannie!

There was no way I was going to be able to appropiately clean my house while preparing for Christmas and my daughter’s birthday party, while also finishing some freelance writing assignments.

So I called Ms Frannie to clean my home. And she delivered – just in time for my daughter’s birthday party.

Ms Frannie has been doing housekeeping services all over Savannah for over 20 years. She is dependable, honest, and always reliable. Ms. Frannie also offers other personal services that can make life easier for you or your loved ones. Whether it is residential or commercial, give Ms Frannie a ring.

You will love her prices and the special touch she can give your house to make it sparkle and shine..

Ms. Frannie’s Services:
Deep Spring Cleaning
Weekly & Bimonthly cleaning
Light cleaning

Additional Services:
Care for elderly/errands
Plant Care
Dry-Cleaning Drop off/Pickup

Just send Ms Frannie an email and let her know what services you need and she can give you a quote. You can also call her anytime!

Gift certificates also available and make a fantastic gift for the holidays!

Phone: 912-691-0183

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