(Savannah Summer Camps 2024) Students in grades 8th-12th invited to Energy STEM camp @ Georgia Tech Savannah

Georgia Tech Savannah CESIMC Summer Program

Energy Unplugged is a summer camp for 8th – 12th grade students June 24-28th on the Georgia Tech Savannah campus. 

In Energy Unplugged, participants will learn about the future of energy with hands-on projects, interactive demos, and learn how STEM can be the engine to a career in the energy field.

Participants will learn how solar panels and batteries can work together to provide energy even when the sun is not shining, obtain insights into electric vehicles and talk to researchers who are making electricity cleaner.

The program will include segments on how electricity is generated, where it goes, what it costs, its environmental impact, and how it can be brought to more of the world’s 2.5B people with little to none of it.

Sign up and jump-start your interest in energy!

Learn more and register online here.


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