When school is out May 24-25, your child can attend Summer Days at the J

Summer Days at the JEA, Savannah

As we countdown to the best summer yet, join Savannah JEA for a taste of what Summer 2023 will look like.  At Summer Days at the J on May 24 & May 25 2023, there will be swimming, baking, field trips, games, art and so much more.  Don’t miss out on all the fun and register today here.

Days at the J are daily camps that are offered when school is out during the year. This includes days like Veteran’s Day, Teacher Work Days, Spring Break and “Those Two Mid-Week Days in May When School is Out” aka May 24 & 25 2023.

All children (ages 4-8th grade) are welcome.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to DJ Horton (Camp@savj.org) or Jackie Laban (JackieL@savj.org). Or by phone: 912.355.8111 Ext 308.


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