Telfair Museums announces July Grand Opening of the new Children’s Art Museum (CAM) @ the Jepson Center & special CAM Summer Camp

Member-Only Grand Opening July 8-9, 2023 @ Jepson Center

Telfair Children’s Art Museum (CAM) will open this summer @ the Jepson Center in Savannah.

Housed in the former ArtZeum and other galleries on the south end of the Jepson Center for the Arts, the two-story CAM will build personal connections for children and youth to Telfair Museums, Savannah’s historic district, and the artist experience. There will be hands-on experiences with a wide range of art-centered disciplines.

The space will incorporate Telfair’s growing permanent collection to encourage understanding and appreciation of a diverse array of artists and modes of expression. There will be interactive kiosks that guide young visitors through key ideas and concepts, as well as check-out art kits that inspire family-centered learning and making.

CAM also will allow the museum to expand its programming.

Telfair members will be the first in line to experience this new technology-based space, and we hope you will join us for the member-only experiences on July 8 and 9 2023, 9-11AM. Learn how to become a member here.


CAM Summer Camp: Exploring Telfair’s New Children’s Art Museum

Telfair Museums will offer a preview of the brand-new Children’s Art Museum (CAM) before it opens; CAMpers will be the first to experience new interactive exhibits, explore impressionist art, and make immersive art installations. 

This five-day, half-day CAM Summer Camp for ages 7-10 will present engaging projects that include; creating environments using projections and shadow puppets and exploring design principles such as shape, color, movement, and repetition.

Learn more & register online here.



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