Savannah pediatrician Dr. Kelsey Alexander shares tips how to teach children the joy of giving

Savannah Pediatrician Dr. Kelsey Alexander on Teaching Children the Joy of Giving

Below is a guest post by Savannah pediatrician Dr. Kelsey Alexander @ Coastal Care Partners’ new Concierge Pediatric Clinic 

The season of giving is here! This special time of the year is the perfect time to introduce and encourage a spirit of giving among children. While younger children may have a more difficult time grasping the concept of how and why we should give to others, there are ways to break it down into small, teachable moments that even the smallest of children can understand and enjoy. 

Giving to Family

Showing children how to give to their families is a great way to begin teaching them about giving. Kids are often more willing and excited to participate in helping or gifting to people they know and love. They can do this by making crafts, including drawings and even ornaments. They could also be tasked with finding a gift that their sibling(s) would enjoy, or parents can make children “elves who help” by coming up with tasks they can accomplish each day at home, like a chore or a small, random act of kindness. 

Giving to Others

There are so many other ways kids can learn to give to others. Angel Trees, where kids can pick an “angel” and purchase specialized gifts for someone, are a great way for kids to give! As a parent, you can also teach and encourage kids to recognize service workers with small gifts of appreciation. For a free alternative, have your child donate some toys they don’t use or have multiple of. You can approach this by saying, “This toy was very special to you at one point, and because it meant so much to you, it would be a good idea to donate it to a child who will play with it and care for it just as much.”

Giving Their Time

Time is one of the most important and valuable gifts that one can give and receive. During this time of year, you can take your children to visit and even sing Christmas carols with the elderly in senior living facilities. Parents can also encourage their children to volunteer with wonderful organizations like P.A.C.K., Urban Hope, The Salvation Army, and the several shelters and soup kitchens in the area. 

Teaching the importance of giving to others—and allowing your children to see generosity in practice—is a life-changing experience for both children and their parents! Introducing different methods of giving, like the ones mentioned above, can help your kids find the ways that resonate best with them. Then, as you find joy in giving to others as a family, this joyful and gracious spirit will surely stick with your children for years to come. Happy Holidays!


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