Savannah Home Halloween-Fall Decorations 2022

You love Annual Best Home Holiday Lights Decorations list to ride around looking at lights. Here’s our smaller scale Halloween-Fall decoration list – by no means the best – just some fun picks from readers & us.

Enjoy giant skeletons, dancing in circle ghosts & witches, pumpkin & mum lined porch steps plus friendly porch skeletons, some which wave from rocking chairs, drink cocktails or even ride a bike. You can even find yellow-raincoat clad Georgie with red balloon from Stephen King’s ‘It.” ( 235 Washington Ave., Ardsley Park)

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  • 122 E. 38th St. – witch trio (pictured), rocking chair skeletons & more , Starland District
  • 117 E. 36th St. – biking skeleton & resting witch face contest (pictured), Thomas Square
  • 3505 Abercorn St., Ardsley Park
  • 36 51st St. – giant skeleton, Ardsley Park
  • Reynolds & 52nd streets, Ardsley Park
  • 337 Washington Ave., Ardsley Park
  • 235 Washington Ave., Ardsley Park (Georgie with red balloon from Stephen King’s ‘It’)
  • Southside of Victory Drive between Abercorn and Reynolds streets, giant inflatables,
  • Whitaker Street across from Forsyth has a few: 909 Whitaker St. – skeleton porch party with lawn dragon, cats in window & more; 703 Whitaker St; 509 Whitaker St. ; 507 Whitaker (mums & pumpkin goals!)
  • 506 E. Park Avenue- skeletons galore plus a werewolf
  • 1000 block of E. Henry St. between Waters & Harmon on northside of Henry @ corner.
  • Store windows at E. Shaver Bookstore, 326 Bull St.
  • Various door steps, porches in Savannah Historic District including The Inn on W. Liberty, 109 W. Liberty St; 106 W.Jones St; 517 & 501 E. Broughton
  • 5505 Magnolia Ave. Magnolia Park neighborhood, Inflatables.
  • 5708 Colonial Dr., Magnolia Park neighborhood,

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