Spring events including Seuss Fest 2019 @ Coastal Heritage Society sites

Seuss Fest 2019 Savannah Children's Museum

Spring 2019 is a fun time to visit Coastal Heritage Society sites in Savannah.

Upcoming CHS Special Events:

Feb. 23 2019: Seuss Fest 10AM-4PM @ Savannah Children’s Museum. Details here. 

March 2 2019: Sensory Soft Saturday, 9AM-10AM @ Savannah Children’s Museum.  The museum will open their doors early, so families with children with special needs or autism can explore & enjoy the space with less concern regarding crowds (weather permitting).

March 8 2019: Family Camp Out at Old Fort Jackson. REGISTER ONLINE HERE.

March 18-19: Special Open Days at Savannah Children’s Museum

March 30: STEAM Fest @ Georgia State Railroad Museum

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