The Tutoring Center at Royce Summer 2016 Programs, Savannah

Tutoring in Savannah Summer Camps 2016 Summer Programs 2016 at The Tutoring Center at Royce in Savannah offer a wide variety of options:

Grades: 1st – 5th Elementary
6th – 8th Middle School
A five-week summer school program for students who need to strengthen academic skills.
Small classes focus on Reading, Writing, English and Mathematics.


Grades: Entering 1st – 8th
A five-week afternoon enrichment camp experience that can be enjoyed on its own, or in conjunction with our Summer School or tutoring programs. Camp will focus on character building, communication and social skills along with time for summer reading lists, games, team building and more.


Grades: Entering 6th – 12th
Study Skills is a program designed to help students in 6th – 12th grades learn to study efficiently and effectively, leading to greater success in school.


Grades: Entering 1st – 12th
The Tutoring Center at Royce Learning Center offers a one-on-one, individually designed tutoring program for each student, based on his or her academic needs. Each student receives an individual tutoring plan and is placed with a tutor based on his or her academic needs.

Please visit Royce’s website for more detailed information on each of their programs.

The Tutoring Center at Royce Learning Center, 4 Oglethorpe Professional Blvd., Savannah, 912-354-4047 email, Royce Learning Center is a advertiser

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