Math Summer Camp 2015 with MathMasters of Savannah

MathMasters Math Camps Savannah

Math Camp with MathMasters of Savannah is this summer and has a few openings left in each class.

Math Camp is for students wanting some additional practice over the summer with basic math or a refresher before school starts back in the fall and is open to rising 3rd-8th grade students.

Math Camp uses games, hands on manipulatives, and math tools to reinforce basic math skills in a fun environment. With prizes and a little competition students become motivated to do math even in the summer!

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Math Camp is taught by Mrs. Becky Foxworth, a former public middle school teacher, homeschool teacher, and co-founder of MathMasters of Savannah. She currently teaches students in grades 3-8 with MathMasters of Savannah and also offers private tutoring.

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Math Summer Camp 2015 in Savannah 

Math 1-9:00-10:15
This is a great class for younger students still working on basic math concepts. We will be using lots of manipulatives to reinforce concepts such as number theory, addition, subtraction, money, time, geometry, fractions, and measurement. A basic knowledge of adding and subtracting will be helpful and we will be strengthening those facts with flashcards and speed tests. We will be using geoboards to teach basic geometry concepts, create a gallon man to teach volume, work with rulers and tape measures to participate in the Measurement Olympics, and play games to practice telling time and counting money. Math 1 will be most suited to rising 3rd or 4th graders.

Math 2-10:15-11:30
This class is great for elementary students looking to practice their math skills over the summer. We will be building on a foundation of addition, subtraction, and multiplication concepts with timed tests and flash cards. Students should have a good grasp of basic math facts thru the 10’s. We will also be practicing skills related to number theory, time, money, arithmetic, measurement, and geometry. We will be using geoboards and protractors to work on geometry, and rulers and tape measures to practice measuring. We will also be playing games to practice making change, figure elapsed time, and improve basic operations. Math 2 will be most suited to rising 5th and 6th graders.

Math 3-11:30-12:45
This class is great for middle school students who already have a solid math foundation and would like a review over the summer. We will be increasing speed with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts using timed tests and flash cards. Students should have a good grasp of basic math facts thru the 12’s. We will also be strengthening skills with problem solving, math vocabulary, percents, coordinate graphing, geometry, and measurement. We will be using compasses and protractors to create, replicate, and bisect angles and line segments, conduct a math survey to generate ratios and convert to percents that can be used to make graphs, and use rulers and tape measures to improve measurement skills with a Measurement Olympics. Math 3 will be most suited to rising 7th and 8th graders or those starting pre-algebra.

All classes will be 1 hour 15 minutes and will be filled with games, prizes, and lots of interaction with the teacher and the other students.

The Facts!
When: Mondays and Wednesdays in July beginning July 6 (8 classes)
Where: First Free Will Baptist Church- 5210 Skidaway Rd, Savannah
Cost: $100 per student plus a $25 registration fee per family
Class Size: Limited to the first 12 students per class. Non-refundable registration fees must be received by June 15 to reserve your spot. Only one registration fee is due per family.
How to Register: Call or email Becky Foxworth to register.
Becky Foxworth
email: phone: c-912-604-7141

For the Math Camp Registration Form, click here. 

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