ArtLab Savannah Summer Camps 2015; free kids class to see what ArtLab offers, May 16

ArtLab Savannah summer art programs

ArtLab – a place to learn and create, grow and smile in Savannah – offers these creative camps for Summer 2015.

Hello Summer Shindig
Come join ArtLab for a FREE CLASS at 10AM on May 16th to check out the Lab and see all that ArtLab offers. Wear your play clothes and bring your imagination. All ages welcome. Visit to learn more.

Creative Nature Camp
June 1st-5th
8-10:00 am
Ages: 8-12
$175 for full week of classes
A variety of projects exploring art with natural objects. We are surrounded by a bounty of inspiring art supplies, in this class you can create with crazy new materials.

Brainy Crafting Camp
June 15th-19th
8-10:00 am
Ages: 8-12
$175 for full week of classes
Learn some new facts and apply them to your art. Explore texture, composition and spacial relationships. There is endless inspiration in the workings of nature.

Summer is Awesome Camp
July 13th-17th
July 20th-24th
8-10 am
Ages: 8-12
$175 for full week of classes
The time of year to kick back and enjoy your free time. Summertime skills, projects and hands on adventure with a variety of mediums.

About ArtLab

ArtLab was established to encourage collaboration, education and inspiration between artists in Savannah.

Budding artists have a cozy place to take classes and work with a variety of mediums while having the opportunity to learn all about art and creativity.

ArtLab Sessions are regularly put together to unite musicians in a unique setting and bring independent music to the community.

ArtLab offers parties for adults, classes for adults, classes for kids & teens.

ArtLab, 2417 Waters Avenue, Savannah, GA 31404,, On Facebook here.  ArtLab is a advertiser

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