Yard sale Aug. 2 to send a Savannah family on a mission trip to Poland

Poland mission from Savannah Christian Church Chances are you’ve heard of or maybe even attended the impressive The Journey interactive Christmas Story at Savannah Christian Church during the holiday season.

But did you know there’s a similar production modeled on the Savannah Christian Church one that takes place in Poland each Christmas, too?

This upcoming Christmas, lateChurch/Savannah Christian is sending a beloved Savannah family – parents Dove & Amber McHargue along with their identical red-headed exuberant triplet boys (pictured to the right) – to Poland for December with Proem Ministries. This spirited Savannah family will be involved in so many areas while in Poland – participating in camps, music, workshops and anywhere they are needed.

The McHargues will also have the opportunity to serve in the Polish version of The Journey, a re-enactment of the night Jesus Christ was born, called the Journey to Bethlehem. Last year during the 10 nights that it ran in Poland, 5,000 people attended. 

But the McHargues need your help!

You can help send the McHargue Family to Poland by attending a HUGE yard sale/bake sale Saturday, August 2 at 7 AM – 3 PM, 136 E. 64th St., Savannah, 31405. Every penny raised at the sale will go towards the McHargue family’s mission trip to Poland.

If you have any items, yard sale or bake sale, that you would like to donate,  there will be a Donation Drop Off Day Friday, August 1st at the same address (corner of 64th and Habersham) from 2-7pm. If you don’t have anything to donate, please come check out the sale. It is going to be HUGE and for a great cause.

Learn more about the huge yard sale/bake sale via the Facebook event page here. 

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