Children’s movie: The Secret of NIMH matinee @ Lucas Theatre, Savannah

SecretNihmWebSked-365x420Time to cool off at a family matinee @ a historic downtown Savannah theater.

G-rated THE SECRET OF NIMH (1982)

Mrs. Brisby is a shy, widowed field mouse, who lives on the Fitzgibbons’ farm with her children. It will soon be plowing season, a time when the mice are forced to move their homes. When her son falls ill and is not well enough to leave the farm, Mrs. Brisby must go to the rose bush to recruit help from the rats. She is amazed when she discovers their secret society of electricity and technological advancements, and learns that years ago her late husband and the other rats were experimented on in a research lab known as NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health), where they developed high levels of intelligence and were able to escape. With their help, she must defeat the Fitzgibbon’s deadly cat so they can safely move her family’s home and save her son’s life.

Directed by Don Bluth.
82 mins. Rated G. Animated. Color.
Tickets are $8 general admission or $5 student/senior/military. Also eligible for use with the Lucas Theatre Movie Pass. Tickets available online here or by calling 912-525-5050.

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