Children’s Books: Let’s Play Football app & book for Super Bowl Season

Let's Play Football book for childrenClueless about the sport that’s about to overtake your house this Super Bowl Sunday? We here at have been watching football for longer than we care to admit without really understand all the intricacies and rules of the pigskin pastime.  Which is why we’re thrilled about the new hardcover book for kids “Let’s Play Football” by Jon Richter.

Written by a real-world father and son team, the book explains football in a fun way & has gorgeous illustrations. In the story, the “Lions vs. the Bears” (real lions, real bears) take readers from training camp through the AFL (Animal Football League) Championship game. Perfect for ages 2-7 years old.

There’s even a glossary at the back to help kids remember football terminology and a FREE Let’s Play Football book-app available in the iTunes app store. The app is narrated by ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst Ron Jaworski with help from Philadelphia Eagles Merrill Reese.

Thanks to this lively read, while watching the Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos this Sunday, your kids (and you) will have much more of clue.

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WATCH THE VIDEO TRAILER (featuring the voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese) by clicking here.
DOWNLOAD THE FREE BOOK-APP (featuring NFL Analyst Ron Jaworski) from the iTunes store by clicking here.
BUY THE HARDCOVER BOOK from either Amazon or from the book site HERE.

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