Celebrate Memorial Day at Georgia forts, historic sites

Fort King George DarienCelebrate Memorial Day with a reflection on American battles, touring historic sites.

Below are Georgia forts, museums and battlefields near Savannah. For directions and admission fees, visit GeorgiaStateParks.org.

·Fort King George State Historic Site, Darien
From 1721 until 1736, this fort was the southern outpost of the British empire in North America. Climb into the reconstructed cypress blockhouse, explore the palisaded earthen fort and tabby ruins, tour the museum. Be sure to hike the pretty nature trail following the river and marsh. For those wishing to take a mini staycation while in the area, campsites and cabins are nearby at Fort McAllister and Skidaway Island state parks.

·Fort Morris State Historic Site, Midway
This earthen fort on the Medway River protected Georgia against the British in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. A museum describes the colonial port of Sunbury, and a nature trail and picnic sites are available. For a holiday getaway, cabins and campsites are found nearby at Fort McAllister and Skidaway Island state parks.

·Fort McAllister State Park, Richmond Hill
This beautiful park south of Savannah marked the end of General Sherman’s March to the Sea and is the best-preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy. On Saturday, May 24, watch a program about Civil War soldiers, as well as musket and cannon firings. Nestled among giant live oaks and Spanish moss, this park is also a great place for camping, hiking, fishing and boating. Cabins overlook the forest and marsh.

Kids can earn a limited edition Civil War badge. Details here.

Georgia State Park now offers gift cards. Think perfect gift for golfers, hikers, anglers, campers, history buffs or anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Details here.


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