Attention K-2 teachers, homeschool groups: apply for Savannah Music Festival’s FREE Musical Explorers program

homeschool resources programs in SavannahTeachers & homeschool groups, have you applied yet for Musical Explorers, Savannah Music Festival’s new partnership with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute?

Musical Explorers has been a huge hit with New York City schools, and in 2014-15 Savannah Music Festival will be the first organization in the nation to adapt Musical Explorers for a community outside of New York.

Deadline to apply has been extended to Mon. Aug. 18. More information on the program and an application for 2014-15 can be found  by clicking here.

Musical Explorers is a K-2 arts education program where students learn about their community, their city, their state and all the diverse musical styles that can be found in Georgia and the southeast. They also learn basic music skills and vocabulary. During the 2014-2015 school year, students explore various music styles including blues, classical, African-American spirituals, jazz, Slave Shouts, and bluegrass, embarking on a musical journey through the cultures found in and around Savannah.

For each genre of music, the students are “introduced” to a local artist, and songs and activities associated with the artist (3 artists per semester, 6 artists total). At the end of each semester, students meet the musicians they’ve learned about in the classroom live on stage, performing the songs from the curriculum in an interactive concert.

Click here watch a brief video, with footage put together by Carnegie Hall, that gives you the teacher’s perspective. (Just imagine your students going to the Lucas Theatre for the concert instead of Carnegie Hall!)

Some more program features:
*Two interactive concerts (fall and spring) per year in downtown Savannah featuring mulitcultural vocalists
*Two professional development workshops for participating teachers (fall and spring)
*An online, interactive Teacher Guide with accompanying musical excerpts, featuring lessons and creative extensions for yearlong coursework, geared toward both music and general classroom teachers
*Online, printable student activities

This program is absolutely free for participating schools!

More information on the program and an application for 2014-15 can be found  by clicking here.

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