Saved by the Deal: 70% off business logo design

Logo design in Savannah

This week’s Saved by the Deal: 70% off business logo design by Vertical Start. See the deal details here.

Starting a new business? Need a LOGO makeover?.

Vertical Start designers have worked in sales and marketing for the largest corporations in the world, and now want to focus their skills on your small business.

Small business is the engine of our economy, and as a small business owner, you deserve all the bells and whistles to brand your business for success at an affordable price.

Vertical Start is unique in that they are designers that understand sales. Most designers have never had B2B sales success, but Vertical Start has won their fortune 500 company’s highest sales award multiple times. Many a designer can create beautiful art, but will it translate into sales? Let Vertical Design create beautiful branding for your company that equals. More leads. More conversions of leads to customers. More current customers buying more. Call today at 1-888-318-2791.

For this deal, all of the profits will go to Xcel Strategies. . Help Vertical Start help XCEL, “Fuel Young Men with Purpose”.

Voucher good through: 09/30/2013. See the deal details here.

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