Saved by the Deal: 50% BooKafe offering $2.50 for a $5 on anything in the shop, Pooler

Saved by the Deal Bookafe DealThis week’s Saved by the Deal: 50% BooKafe – Offering $2.50 for a $5 on anything in the Pooler shop.

BooKafé is a new concept of Christian Bookstore and Coffehouse. The name BooKafe is composed by words “Book”, “a” and “fé”. “Fé”is faith in Portuguese; “a”is towards in Portuguese. Therefore, BooKafé means books that lead to Faith. Georgia’s first BooKafe joins 300 plus found around the world.

The BooKafe is a wonderful, locally-owned cafe and book store in Pooler just off the Pooler Parkway. It is a receptive and cozy place where everyone is welcome and you can enjoy our freshly brewed coffee, delicious treats, breakfast, lunch or dinner. On the run down the Pooler Parkway, use their drive through window.

View the deal details here.

The BooKafe, 920-G Morgans Corner Rd, Pooler, Ga. 31322 tel. (912) 450-3500 email 

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