(Savannah childcare) Who is Southern Baby Nurse & Nannies?

Southern Baby Nannies, Baby Nurses & Babysitters in Savannah

Who is Southern Baby Nurse and Nannies?

Southern Baby Nurse was born to help new moms ease into, rather than stumble through, new motherhood. We believe that Mother’s health and well-being is just as important as baby’s; after all, a happy, well-rested mommy is best! Southern Baby Nurse exists to provide the kind of comprehensive care and support that allows both mother and baby to flourish at such a crucial time.

That’s where our staff of comes in. Relatives and friends are wonderful and should absolutely be a part of baby’s life, but when it comes to establishing a regular feeding schedule, sticking to nap times, and providing tier-one healthcare, a professional caregiver is a must. Southern Baby Nurse employs only highly qualified and experienced caregivers and will work closely with you to ensure your Baby Nurse, Nanny or Babysitter is a perfect fit. Your peace of mind is assured. With a Southern Baby Nurse professional on hand, you can take a nap, go to the gym, or just relax with your spouse, secure in the knowledge that baby is in the best of hands – second to yours, of course.

We realize that entrusting the care of your child to an outsider can be daunting. You may relax, however, in the knowledge that Southern Baby Nurse thoroughly vets each candidate. All staff are required without exception to provide strong childcare references and demonstrable evidence of extensive experience caring for newborns and children. We also perform exhaustive background checks (state and federal) and carefully evaluate new candidates’ personality, temperament, and suitability for work with children.

In addition to , Southern Baby Nurse can provide Nannies and Babysitters for both long- and short-term assignments. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your childcare needs.

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