Tips from classroom parent volunteers & teachers on how to be an involved parent

We asked for creative suggestions for parent involvement in the classroom & we got it, thanks to input from local teachers & parents. Check out the tips in the article here.

As parents, we all know we’re supposed to be volunteering in our kids’ classrooms as much as our schedules allow. The tricky part is coming up the time AND fun, creative things to do w/ kids during our volunteer time.

Here are some additional helpful tips from Savannah teacher Carolyn Perry on how parents can help out in your child’s classroom:

1. Be the class photographer/yearbooker, esp. in the younger grades where they may not get an annual or year book. I have had a mom who took pictures at all the field trips, assemblies, concerts, etc and some candid shots throughout the year and then she burned 25 copies of a windows movie magic movie she made. She made me a coffee cup with the pics & I still have it from that year.

2. Supplies- there is time, there is talent- and there is treasure. Gift cards to Dollar Tree? Super! Pick us up an extra box of tissues? Awesome! For lots of items, if you don’t buy it, I do.

3. Have time? Come in and read. Play a learning game with a few kids (maybe not your own, okay?). Help me with photocopying, filing, cleaning desks, dusting, etc. Yes, I do all of that too.

4. Did you see something really neat on Pinterest? Maybe I did too, maybe not, but either way- how about you make it for me? Fun poster? Make me one! I will love it. Great game you saw or Mother’s Day art and craft? Help me out by jumping right in and take on that project.

5. Phone a friend! Take on anyone of these projects with your friends. The more the merrier!

6. Join the PTA, it’s cheap and gives all the kids a voice.

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