Scribble Art Studio: Perfect spot for children’s birthday parties in Savannah, Pooler

We love kids’ art birthday parties at Scribble Art Studio in Savannah.

My son just had his 6th BD party at the studio, a Willy-Wonka themed art party that Scribble artists Carrie Christian and Tara Garrigan made into a smashing success. The best part of Scribble’s art birthday parties is kids get so much out of them. You leave with armfuls of creations that kids can hang on their walls, continue to paint or draw on, or in our case, hang on our Christmas trees. These creations prompt memories and discussion about the party long after the balloons have deflated.

Scribble’s artists never stop teaching during the party. They are zipping back & forth bringing in the new project & cleaning up the finished ones, but also are able to stop and answer a child’s question about how to do something or they just pause patiently, with cupcake clean-up in hand, and offer a child a tip on how to improve on the task at hand.

I merely gave Carrie the party theme. She & Tara took that theme and created a Willy Wonka painting for all the kids to complete; adorable cupcake and lollipop name tags for the kids to decorate & complete; and lively candy hunt. They hung oversized pretend candies and lollipops from the studio ceiling and had an ornament-making playdough session, which kids were able to decorate then bake at home. In between, the kids had cupcakes and sang happy birthday and drew on a huge canvas on the floor.

Willy Wonka paintings that the kids completed

Willy Wonka BD decorations at Scribble Art Studio

Scribble made lollipop & cupcake nametags for the kids to decorate

Here’s an added perk: Scribble handles all the set-up & clean-up. All you need to do is find the perfect spot at home to put all those cute creations and find time in your kids’ schedules to sign them up for Scribble art classes, because you’re going to want to after your Scribble BD party.

Parties include mural, painting, and craft all designed around the birthday boy/girl’s chosen theme.

Parents are responsible for refreshments and paper products, however Scribble Art Studio now offers all inclusive party packages, inquire for details.

Scribble also offers art parties at their new Pooler studio, 115 Canal St. Suite 201, Pooler 31322.

Soon Scribble will be offering At Home Party Kits!

To book a party, call 912-323-0123 or email .

Scribble Art Studio in Savannah & Pooler also offers private & group art classes, adult art parties. For gifts, Scribble as art kits & gift certificates . For more information, contact artist Carrie Christian at 912-323-0123 or email . Click here for more info. Scribble Art Studio is a advertiser.

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