Meet Little Lady Belles handmade dolls

We’re so excited to tell you about the new, oh-so-cute handmade toy stitched with love and attention right here in Savannah.

Meet Little Lady Belles, unique, handmade soft form dolls designed as a treasured toy, family heirloom & long-lasting keepsake for display. Each belle has a unique personality and story to tell. Some represent the grand styles and fashions of the past, while others the sweet city and country girls of today.

The belles are handmade with high-quality vintage fabrics and buttons. Their bodies are all new, 100 percent cotton; their hair is wool felt, polyester fleece, or cotton chenille fabric. Clothing is made from pre-washed repurposed materials. The belles have embroidered facial details.

Due to the use of buttons and small pieces, the dolls are best suited for ages 3 and older The belles measure from 26 to 31 inches tall, with an arm span of 22 inches. Each belle comes with one accessory and a small portrait.

Customized handmade dolls also can be commissioned for birthdays and other special events. Prices for the belles featured on  the Little Lady Belles Facebook page here range from $50 to $75. (Customized orders are priced based on design and materials.)

The belles design and fabrication were developed by Abigail Kokai and Carrie Christian, graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

View members of the Little Lady Belles family on Facebook here. For more information, custom orders, or to purchase a doll you “like” on the Little Lady Belles Facebook page, please e-mail Joyce McDonald at:

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