For clever DIY kid-friendly art projects & tips to do at home, visit Scribble Art Studio’s new blog

Move over Pinterest.
The newest place to find fabulous creative tips and techniques when it comes to doing art with your kids is Scribble Art Studio’s new blog.

Check it out by clicking here to find drawing sheets for all ages, ideas for your kids’ art room at home, instructions for projects and more.

We are in awe of the two creatives behind Scribble Art Studio in Savannah (which offers children’s art classes & birthday parties) and this blog is sure to become our new go-to spot for ideas on how to stimulate kids’ imaginations even when they aren’t in art class.

Thanks, Scribble, for sharing your clever hints. Now if y’all can just impart some of your patience when teaching kids art.

For information about children’s art classes and birthday parties at Scribble Art Studio in Savannah, contact artist Carrie Christian at 912-323-0123 or email  . Click here for more info. Scribble Art Studio is a advertiser.

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