The Savannah Soap Co. invites you to a “Tastefully Simple” food event

Kayla Walsh hosts a “Tastefully Simple” food event at The Savannah Soap Co.  Tastefully Simple can really simplify your life. Their motto is “The food you love, the time you deserve” and The Savannah Soap Co.  believes you will love Tastefully Simple products. All products ask for two or less ingredients. How SIMPLE is that? The Savannah Soap Co. will a have yummy arrangement of goodies available for tasting along with recipes. The Savannah Soap Co. will offer 15% off of all of their products as well as a 20% off special for all comforters. Free teas from their gourmet tea bar will be perfect with all of the goodies from Tastefully Simple. There will also be free door prizes of Tastefully Simple Products as well as The Savannah Soap Co. products. The Savannah Soap Co is a child friendly environment.

Here is how to earn free raffle tickets:
2 tickets for RSVPing on  The Savannah Soap Co. Facebook page
5 tickets for each friend you bring
10 tickets for booking a Spring/Summer Tastefully Simple Party
10 tickets for making a Savannah Soap Co. purchase
20 tickets for starting your own Tastefully Simple Business

In addition, Kayla will also provide a Tastefully Simple Coupon to each customer who makes a purchase with The Savannah Soap Co. ($5 off their first Tastefully Simple order of $40 or more!)
More information on the Tastefully Simple brand can be found at

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