Sing to Learn: Check out The Obies online & Ms. Amy’s School of Music in Savannah

We’ve been searching for a good Days of the Week song to help my kids nail them. A big thank you to Ms. Amy of Ms Amy’s School of Music in Savannah for introducing us to The Obies (No, not the NYC theater awards): a one-man band of sorts who performs lots of educational songs (including a catchy Days of the Week song) that are certain to help kids learn.

Check out The Obies’ kid-friendly, school-appropriate music videos with subtitled lyrics on YouTube’s The Singing Schoolhouse by clicking here.  The songs help kids learn all the basics and then some. Songs include:
Days of the Week song
The Pledge of Allegiance Song
The Star-Spangled Banner
Music Lessons-Rhythm & Notes
Landforms Educational Songs by The Obies
Letters, words and sentences
Multiplication Song by 4’s
The Statue of Liberty Song

Much more here.

We can’t say enough about the parent-and-me classes Ms. Amy’s School of Music. We just started our second session and love it! Classes are offered Wednesday & Saturday mornings. You can start your session any time, even this upcoming Saturday or next Wed. Oct. 5. Details here.

Connect with Ms. Amy’s School of Music on Facebook here. For more info, visit, email , 912.659.0993, 1 ½ blocks from Daffin Park at 2421 Waters Ave. Ms. Amy’s School of Music is a advertiser.

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