Introduction to Keyboard Camp

Make a Joyful Noise Introduction to Keyboard
July 25-29
12:30 – 2:30
Rising Kindergarten – 2nd
$130 (includes book/CD)
(Held at White Bluff Presbyterian Church)
Details here:

Attend the keyboard class from 12:30 – 2:30, or drop your child off at the church’s VBS from 9 – 12, pack a lunch that we will enjoy together until 12:30, then we will start the keyboard class and run until 2:30.

What will we do?

•Learn duple rhythms (quarter/eighths/half notes) and use them to accompany songs
•Triple rhythms & ostinati to accompany songs
•Major/minor tonalities
•Learn Do Mi and Sol in D position at the keyboard
•Song (Singing) Repertoire: London Bridge; Wild Horses; Love Somebody; Drum Song;See the Pony; Hop, Old Squirrel; Hey! Let’s Dance Together & so much more!
•Have a lot of fun as we develop our musicianship through this 5-day introduction to keyboard/piano skills!
•PARENTS: This summer is a great chance to ‘check out’ the aural approach used in this curriculum to learning the piano/keyboard. The full-year program will begin in September, and I would love for you to join us! By the end of the first year of the program, children are playing songs in the following positions: D, G, C, E, F, em, fm, dm and are doing so with I, IV and V7 chordal accompaniments. They are reading patterns and rhythms in duple and triple, as well as reading patterns from the treble and bass staff. The drumming and dancing elements are also crucial to developing a sense and understanding of ensemble, and the home materials are valuable in continuing the progress throughout the week.

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