Children’s Pottery and Sculpture Classes Spring & Summer Camps in Savannah

Tiffany Drabek Studio in Ardsley Park, Savannah has children’s pottery classes/camps for Spring Break 2011 and Summer 2011 for kids ages 4 and older.

2011 Pottery and Sculpture Classes Spring & Summer Camp Offerings

Take a sculpture or pottery class to learn something new. Or continue a flourishing hobby. Classes are centrally located in Midtown Savannah. The hand building classes include instruction in different sculpture techniques such as coiling, slab work, pinching, carving, and bas-relief designs. The pottery instruction involves learning how to center the clay on the wheel, how to make plates, bowls and cylinders, and how to attach handles and make surface designs.

At the end of the session, children will apply either underglaze paints or glazes to complete their work with a splash of color. All work will be finished with a gloss glaze and fired. The fees include all materials and firings. The work will be available for pick up after all of the firings have been done. Please call or email Tiffany with any questions or to register. To complete registration, please send a $20 deposit to Tiffany Drabek to the above address. The balance of the tuition will be due at the first class.

Spring Break Workshops
Special Spring Break 4-day Hand Building & Sculpture Workshop:$52
Monday-Thursday, April 18-21, 1:30-2:30 P.M. (ages 4 and up)

Special Spring Break 5-Day Pottery Workshop: $95
Monday-Friday, April 18-22, 3:00-4:30 P.M. (ages 8 and up)

Spring Weekly Classes
Spring Hand Building: $65
Wednesdays, April 27-May 25, 1:30-2:30 (ages 4 and up)

Spring Pottery: $95
Wednesdays, April 27-May 25, 3:00-4:30 (ages 8 and up)

Summer Camp Pottery and Sculpture Classes
Summer Hand Building & Sculpture: $65
Monday-Friday, July 25-29, 10-11 A.M. (ages 4 and up)

Pottery Session 1: $95
Monday-Friday, August 1-5, 9:30-11:00 A.M. (ages 8 and up)

Pottery Session 2: $95
Monday-Friday, August 8-12, 9:30-11 A.M. (ages 8 and up)


To book a class, summer camp or birthday party, call (912) 692-0659 or email

Tiffany Drabek Studio, 215 East 64th St., Savannah, GA 31405, (912) 692-0659, email: Tiffany Drabek Studio is a advertiser.

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