Toddler soccer: Savannah Celtic Early Goals Fall Season

savannah-celtic-early-goals-1The Fall Early Goals season with Savannah Celtic is growing closer.

Now in its 8th season, ’Early Goals’ is a fun, action-packed soccer program specifically designed to cater for the youngest players ages 2 to 4. Coaches will work on simple motor skills, ball familiarity and hopefully plant the seed for a lifetime of enjoyment. The season ends with a scrimmage and selection of fun activities. Every session will be overseen by one of our professional club coaches. Cost: $55 for a 6 week session and includes a ’Hoopie’ T-Shirt. To register, click here.

Wed. 5-5:45 PM Sep. 22 to Oct. 27 Salvation Army at 3000 Bee Rd
Tues. 3-3:45 PM Sept. 28 to Nov. 2 St. Andrew’s School
Thurs. 9-9:45 AM Sept. 30 to Nov. 4 Salvation Army at 3000 Bee Rd
Tues. 5-5:45 PM Oct. 5 to Nov. 9 The Landings
Thurs. 10-10:45 AM Oct. 7 to Nov 11 Southbridge Soccer Field
Tues. 9-9:45 AM Oct. 12 to Nov. 16 Wilmington Island Concord Field
Mon. 5:30-6:15 PM Oct. 18 to Nov. 22 Salvation Army at 3000 Bee Rd

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