(Savannah geocaching) Geocaching has arrived at Georgia State Parks

geocachinggopher_smile_small1The new Georgia State Parks Geo-Challenge invites GPS-toting geocaching explorers to travel trails in search of hidden caches.

Adventure seekers use a GPS unit to find hidden treasures, then share their experiences online. Caches usually contain trinkets that geocachers can keep, replacing them with something else. Some trackable items, called travel bugs, make their way across the country and create a story as they go.

With the new Georgia State Parks Geo-Challenge, players download a PassPort by clicking here, find hidden stamps in each cache to spell out the PassPort’s message and collect custom geocoins.

Forty-two state parks have hidden caches with “first to find” prizes of a free night of camping. Three parks also have more elusive “bonus caches.” Players go to www.Geocaching.com to find the GPS coordinates for each hidden box. After their journey, players can talk about the parks and what they found.

Caches are hidden in public-access areas, so treasure hunters will not venture off trails or into remote locations.

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