In search of Savannah schools that promote healthy eating

better-school-foodParents fed up with their kids’ schools for pushing sugary snacks and junk food are banding together to fight for healthier school menus through groups like Better School Food and Edible Schoolyard.

But the problem isn’t just with notoriously unhealthy lunch menus in elementary schools and older, but also in preschools that dole out cookies and lollipops to appease the tots.

Which is why I want to do a shout-out in praise of my 3-year-old’s preschool, Discover Montessori on Whitemarsh Island, known as the best kept secret when it comes to quality Savannah preschools.

Director Margie Carfrey goes above and beyond in encouraging healthy eating in various ways such as:  limiting sugary snacks; planting a garden with the kids; and even occasionally offering organic snacks such as local organic eggs and veggies. For the Valentine’s Day tea party, she gently suggested that parents who want to bring something opt for snacks other than frosting-laden treats and candy.

But the school does this all without going overboard or being overly strict. For example, parents can bring in special treats for a child’s birthday etc. And there’s certainly no shortage of fun school parties and celebrations. Holiday festivities include hay rides, costumes, games, performances and a last day of school circus show – all without a tidal wave of sugar.

Now, if only we can find an elementary school that values nutrition and healthy eating  as much as Discover Montessori does.

Any parents out there frustrated by your child’s unhealthy school menus – preschool, elementary or higher – or these questionable partnerships between schools and fast-food restaurants (Little Caesars Pizza Days, Chik-Fil-A fundraisers)? If so, please email to comment for a potential newspaper article on this topic.

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