Savannah violin and piano lessons for children and teens

kelly-burke-button-ad-finalLearning to play a musical instrument can bring great joy and endless hours of pleasure to a child, but research shows its benefits go far beyond the enjoyment factor.

Musical instruction instills in students the habits of mind that last a lifetime: critical analysis skills, the ability to solve problems and deal with ambiguity, perseverance and the drive for excellence. In short, skills for a classroom and for a lifetime.

Kelly Burke of Burke Music Studio in Savannah has been developing those skills among young people in Savannah for over 25 years as both a violin and piano teacher and a private school administrator.

“I had wonderful teachers who understood the importance of combining classical training with lots of opportunities for playing fun, popular music that I recognized and loved,” says Kelly. She uses this same approach with her students to keep them motivated and develop self confidence. Whether dressing up in costumes for a Halloween Master class or playing Christmas songs in a candlelight recital in Bethesda’s Chapel, students have many opportunities to perform, have fun and form friendships with other student/musicians.

violinKelly enjoys teaching girls and boys, but as a long-time principal of boys’ schools, she has a special appreciation for working with young men. “It can be difficult to find a teacher who understands boys’ unique attributes and channel that into good music-making.”

In addition to teaching school-age boys and girls, Kelly often works with teenagers, particularly those who are currently attending or are interested in attending a magnet academy. Many of her seniors prepare a recording of their playing to include with their college applications, even if they are not pursuing a degree in music. “Giving evidence of the ability to play a musical instrument demonstrates to college admissions offices that a student has self-discipline, motivation, and a creative nature. This sets their application apart.”

To get your child started on the road to the many benefits of musical instruction visit Burke Music Studio by clicking here or call 912.398.7280.

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