Southern “Sweet Tees” t-shirts for kids

southern-bred-sweet-teas-2You love real pit BBQ, old pick-up trucks and sipping sweet tea on front porch. And you hope your kids will, too.

Which is why a vintage child’s Southern soft t-shirt that proclaims “I’m the only heck my mama ever raised” is the one for your kid. Or maybe one that reads “Baptized in Muddy Waters,” ” “Daddy’s Lil Cowgirl” or “Darn Right I Got the Blues”

Southern Brand, a lifestyle label evoking the Blues, BBQ, Outlaw Country Music and the lore of the American South, has a new line of Lil’ Ones vintage t-shirts – sweet tees – for children.

southern-bred-tees-3Forget that rebel flag, south’s-gonna-do-it-again business. These southern tees feature classic southern fried images of rural Americana including roadside BBQ shacks and phrases born of tradition, hard work and good livin’.

Southern Brand also has an adult line of tees.

These sweet tees and other Southern items, like cowhide koozies, are available for purchase online here.

Southern is a down home guide to Southern culture and good livin’ through music, film, food, travel and books.

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