Raising kids to new heights

kabooster-example.gifThis little stool of mine.
I use it all the time.
To reach the things I couldn’t.
And lots of things I shouldn’t.

When it comes to baby gifts, second and subsequent children are tough to buy for. Our newborn daughter had pretty much everything she needed thanks to hand-me-downs from relatives and second-hand baby gear our son used.
Which is why the personalized Kabooster child step stool we received for Frances was such a treat. Something her very own. Something practical. Something she would have forever. Something so cute and well-made.

Kabooster step stools are made of furniture grade birch hardwood plywood and coated with a long lasting protective finish.
The finest joinery techniques are utilized for a lifetime of safe use. Colorful handles make it easy for kids to move them around and explore.

The stools have a 10 year replacement warranty and come in three colors, green, blue and magenta. You can select from 16 different icons, baseballs to tulips. (Francie’s has a butterfly) Click here to check out the step stools and give the kid in your life a boost.

Kabooster is a sponsor of SouthernMamas

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