Myths about stay-at-home moms

stay-at-home-mom.jpgSouthern Mamas, I need your help. I am writing an article about quitting your job to stay at home with your kids. I’d love your input on how the real life stay-at-home experience differs from how we thought it would be.

What do you think are some of the myths about stay-at-home moms? For example, is nap time really the new happy hour? Do you find yourself envying work-outside-the-home moms? Do you get really ticked off when people ask “So do you do all day long?” And do you have any good replies to that annoying question?

What do you miss most about working outside the home? Do you feel as though your mind is turning mushy by not working outside the home? Do you think you made the correct decision to quit your job to stay home or do you believe there’s some truth to the argument of quality time over quantity of time?

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