Exhibit features four Savannah artist-mothers

By Ashley Waldvogel

By Ashley Waldvogel

You gotta appreciate moms who manage to create art while also dealing with the daily challenges of raising their young children.

Four Savannah artist-mothers – Ashley Waldvogel, Melinda Schawel, Linette Dubois and Atsuko Smith – are doing just that, balancing creativity and domesticity. This month, the moms will show their work in an exhibit called “Four Squared” at the University of North Florida Gallery of Art in Jacksonville.

Each of the four artists brings their own account of the themes of motherhood and the bonds between mother and child into their own work.

This exhibit would make a worthwhile roadtrip for moms groups interested in seeing artwork that explores all aspects of motherhood, such as the chaos of trying to be a mother while making sure everyone is taken care of or the joy of a child’s laugh.

The exhibit runs Sept. 14-Oct. 16 at the UNF Gallery of Art with an Artist’s Reception 5-7 PM Fri. Sept. 18. The newly renovated UNF Gallery is in Founders Hall, Building Two, 1 UNF Drive in Jacksonville. The gallery hours are: 10-4 M-F.

All events are free and open to the public. $3 for parking.

Learn more about the moms behind Four Squared by clicking here.

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