Classical Conversations of Savannah helps with homeschooling

classical-conversations-logoThe Classical Conversations group of Savannah will host open houses – by reservation only – during the next few weeks.

Learn how the Classical Conversations of Savannah community can help equip, encourage, and support parents in their homeschooling endeavors. Open houses start at 9 AM with a short explanation of the Classical Method of Education as well as a brief overview of Classical Conversations. At 9:15 AM, there will be an opening ceremony and dismiss for classes at 9:30 AM. During morning class time, learn and review information from English Grammar, Geography, History, Latin, Science and Math and an entire history timeline from a Biblical perspective. Enjoy watching the class presentations, hands-on science experiments, and Fine Arts sessions of the Foundations programs. Pack a lunch if you would like to eat lunch with the group.

Hear and observe the Essentials program from 1-3pm. This is when 3rd – 6th graders learn grammar, writing and play math games.

Reservations are required to ensure enough space is available. Meet on Tuesdays in Effingham county. The following dates are available for reservation: Oct. 27, Nov. 3 and Nov. 10. More dates will be available in 2010.

If you are interested, please contact Kristin Bigalke, Director of CC Savannah, at 912-655-8173 or

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