Casting Supermoms for New TV Show

mompreneurSupermoms, here’s your Hollywood break.

The LA-based production company, Pie Town Productions, is currently in the early stages of a project focused on moms who consider themselves (or others consider them) to be SUPERMOMS.

Are you president of the PTA or are currently vying for that position? Are you constantly shuttling your kids from one activity to another? Do you have STRONG opinions about everything from methods of parenting to how to advertise the next PTA meeting to what kind of brownies you should make for your kid’s birthday party? Are you surrounded by a lot of like-minded parents? Do you think you could have been (OR were / are) a CEO because you’re just that focused, smart, and organized?

The production company wants to hear your story. Those interested should email Ally at Please put “Supermom!” in the subject line. Good luck. Don’t forget us little people when you’re famous.

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