Town Hall meeting about “Baby Borrowers” controversy

baby-borrowers-logo.jpgRemember all the fuss about whether “The Baby Borrowers” was more about child neglect than birth control?

Now NBC News plans to host a one-hour televised town hall meeting at 9 pm this Wednesday (Aug. 6) about the series and the controversy raised.

The NBC reality show came under scrutiny from critics including the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry because the show temporarily separated babies and toddlers from their parents and placed them with young strangers as part of a “social experiment.” “A child’s sense of security should not be gambled with,” said Robert Hendren, the president of the academy.

The series, which ended in July, followed five teenage couples who experienced life in fast-forward, taking care of babies, toddlers, teenagers and elderly people over a three-week period.

Critics will be included in Wednesday’s town hall special along with experts in adolescent psychology and teenage pregnancy. The teenage couples and the actual parents of the children will also be in attendance. Hosts of the town hall meeting are Hoda Kotb and Dr. Drew Pinsky.

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