SouthernMamas Q&A: Deganit Ruben

deganit-rubin.JPGWelcome to another SouthernMamas Q&A with one of our savvy readers about parenting tips, troubles and triumphs. (If you know a SouthernMama you’d like to nominate for a profile, email Read past profiles by clicking here. )

Meet savvy SouthernMama Deganit Ruben of Skidaway Island. Deganit was kind enough to answer these questions on the same week she was to due to give birth to her second child. (UPDATE: On July 15, Deganit had her baby Elana Suzanne, weighing 7 lbs, measuring 19 ins. Congratulations Rubens!)


Your Family

Husband: Jesse, Child: Jordan, age 3 1/2 & another due any day now. We live at The Landings. My husband works at NetJets in Bluffton, SC.

How would you describe your parenting philosophy?

Lots of love and patience in all situations, but with the clear message that rewards and good things all come from being earned and that there is no such thing as “entitlement.”

What are your child’s/children’s favorite books and toys?

Jordan loves the Little Critter series and enjoys toys that involve arts & crafts.

What are your child’s/children’s favorite TV shows or movies?

She loves the Wonder Pets on TV, and is not really a fan of movies yet.

What are your child’s/children’s favorite foods?

She is a typical 3 year old: pizza, fries, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter

What one adjective would you choose to describe motherhood?


Describe your most humbling parenting moment:

Finding out about my daughter’s permanent hearing loss and realizing that there was nothing I could do to fix it

Describe your most beautiful parenting moment:

Realizing that all the months of hard work on behalf of my daughter’s disability was manifesting itself in success beyond what I would have imagined

Favorite local kid-friendly eatery?

The Original Pancake House near Mall Blvd. My daughter loves the food and atmosphere and the staff there is wonderful with children.

Favorite local kid-friendly spot/event?

Storytime at the Bull Street and Oglethorpe libraries, Oatland Island, the 2 soft plays at the malls.

What resource for children does our area lack, one that you would like to see here?

A REAL Children’s Museum

Who is your pick for the area’s best pediatrician?

We love our pediatrician, Dr. Gustave Kreh of Pediatric Associates, and we also loved Dr. Ben Spitalnik who we saw once when Dr. Kreh was unavailable.

Most valuable baby gift you received that you couldn’t live without?

My mother’s continuous babysitting offers!

If you had zillions of extra bucks to donate, what charity/cause would you select?:

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and other organizations devoted to helping children with a hearing loss learn to listen and speak

What is the one phrase you hope your child/children will say to you when they are all grown up?

Thank you for everything you did for me, and I’m sorry for all I did to you!

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