Pirate Birthday Party Adventures

story-ship-button-ad.jpgEvery time your child’s birthday rolls around, your goal is always the same: a creative, fun, memorable yet EASY birthday theme. But the arduous task of trying to find that perfect fit has you sounding like your little pirate-wannabe: “Aaaarghhhh!”

Finally, “Captain Goodie’s Birthday Adventure” to the rescue. Captain Goodie Twoshoes and his parrot Pete will take your birthday child and party guests on an amazing adventure.

Two versions of the birthday show are available- complete with ruckus magic, music and comedy. Kids participate by singing along, playing percussion instruments, helping with magic tricks and solving riddles.

The plot of the birthday shows: Goodie can’t remember how to open his magic chest full of treasure. So he calls upon the kids and his animated friends to help. The performance includes a pirate rabbit who tries to steal Goodie’s gold and appears through out the show in a hilarious series of magic tricks. In the end, kids figure out how to open the chest and Goodie shares his treasure which includes a special treat for the birthday child!

Click here to see details of the two pirate birthday party shows available. Each is best for ages 3-8. Click here to watch a video clip of “Captain Goodie And The Magic Chest.”

For booking info, call 1-877-444-8253/912.353.8381. Or email sean@storymaker.com. Please support SouthernMamas sponsors like Captain Goodie. They help make this site possible!

The creative mind behind the pirate birthday shows is Sean Driscoll, founder of The Story Ship, a Savannah children’s educational performance and workshop company. Driscoll’s worked in the children’s entertainment industry for more than 30 years. The Story Ship’s workshops unite new digital audio recording technology with music and storytelling. Kid’s create their own audio CDs of music and stories and share them @ The Story Ship website.

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