New big toddler brother: “I don’t like Mama”

My mom says I’m her sugarplum.
My mom says I’m her lamb.
My mom says I’m completely perfect
Just the way I am.
My mom says I’m a super-special wonderful terrific little guy.
My mom just had another baby.
-Judith Viorst

I thought we had the whole “how-to-help-older-sibling-adjust-to-new-baby thing” covered. But four days into being a big brother, my 2-year-old is having a rough time. Not with his baby sister, whom he loves to kiss, hug and coo over. But with ME, his once constant companion who now isn’t so constant. Last night, he summed up his feelings by swinging this statement at me several (painful) times “I don’t like Mama.”

So I’m in search of ways to help with the adjustment – starting with finding children’s books. We often read Ezra Jack Keats peters-chair.jpgPeter’s Chair,” about a boy learning to accept his new baby sister. My son loves it. Here are some others I plan to check out:

“Duck at the Door” by Jackie Urbanovic
What happens when a duck knocks at your door and wants to stay with you all winter? Young readers who bemoan the presence of a new sibling may relate to the other pets in the house, who initially are frustrated by Duck but grow to love him.

“Baby on the Way” by Dr. William Sears, author and baby care expert. Gives older siblings a realistic view of what to expect once baby has arrived and helps them sort through feelings they may be experiencing as they wait. Supposed to be especially helpful for those parents who practice attachment parenting.

nobody-asked-me.jpgNobody asked me if I wanted a baby sister” by Martha Alexander. A jealous big brother tries to give away his new baby sister to several people in the neighborhood.

“I used to be the baby” by Robin Ballard. A young boy with a new sibling is always there when his mother needs a helping hand and is happy about having a new brother. Deep down inside, though, he misses being a baby and all the baby perks.

“I’m a big brother” or “I’m a big sister” by Joanna Cole

“She come bringing me that little baby girl” by Eloise Greenfield.

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